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About Me

This is about me....duh this is where I talk about me. First off, my names Monica, as you could have guessed by the words "Monica's Site" at the top. But then again, I must remember that I'm dealing with idiots...Haha.
Now some of my so called "fans" have emailed me some questions, so I'll answer them for all of you who want to know.
What do I look like? Hmmm thats a hard one to figure out. As I've heard from some...Barbie on a bad day. But then again, thats just their worthless opinions.
Am I sick? Now I'm guessing by sick you mean some unstable physo fresh outta the mental hospital. But to answer your question, I am sick. Sick of all of you people...
What is this issue I have with pain? An issue? I have an issue? Nah, I just like to push past a barrier very few try to. Pain is just something that holds us back, get through it and you will achive higher goals.
And last but not least my favorite...
Why dont I just kill myself and end it all right there? Why dont I? Because pissing you people off is my job, and you'd get too much of a kick out of my death. :P

Idn't I cuuuuute?

Playing A Game With My New Friends

Do you wanna play too?

I was just playing a game mom.....honest. I didnt hurt anybody. Hey, you over there. You wanna play a game with me too? It will be lots of fun......

People I love (awwww)

My homiez, of course, but ummm they have a whole page so look there if you want to know about them. But I looove them. *kisses* Haha, yeah, so yeah.

My family:

Nick, you are like a big brother to me. Very very protective. Sometimes very very scarry too. But, you'll always be the big green giant in my life, lol. Love ya.

Steph, your the best. I can always come to you with my problems (especially b/f problems) and you will help. Thankx lots.